Envelope Converting

Envelope Converting

Commercial A2 through #14

As time demands increase, the amount of time to get a fine paper or specialty envelope increases as well. Manufacturing envelopes is yet another service we can offer our clients.

Need your envelope to perfectly match your stationery or note-card? We can print both items together and make your envelope.

Special Tints / Windows

CEP can design and add a custom security tint with your logo or special message to the inside of your envelope.

We offer a variety of window sizes that will match the position of your statements, checks or invoices.

Specialty Paper / Closures

Envelopes can be manufactured in a variety of stocks to match your needs. Tyvek envelopes can be a lightweight alternative to paper and prevent tearing.

Latex seal can make business mailings easy. You simply close the flap and the envelope will seal. This can be added to any envelope.

Stock Envelopes

We stock and/or manufacture the following envelope types.
• Commercials
• Catalogs
• Booklets
• Tyvek
• Peel & Seal
• Latex • Button & String
• Clasp
• Expansions
• Mailers
• Coin
• Announcements

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